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Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada

Over 5,000 retired greyhounds have been placed into forever homes across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland, through Greyhound Pets of Altantic Canada. GPAC has also partnered with several groups that rescue galgos and podencos in Spain so that they too might find the homes they deserve in Atlantic Canada. With the help of teams of dedicated volunteers, a growing number of galgos and podencos make the long trip from Spain to join the GPAC family.

We never think of our dogs as leaving us. Instead, we see them as helping us to expand the GPAC family. We welcome each and every adopter and remain in touch with them, celebrating their successes, birthdays and other life events through our membership group and our monthly mailer. Many of our adopters have made lifelong friends through their love of greyhounds, galgos, and podencos and we welcome you as a new adopter to join our Facebook group.



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